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Do you believe in love at first light?  We absolutely do.  Why?  Because the creator and blender, J.P., of our product line has had a lifelong romance with the sophistication and pleasurable encounter of every great smoke he has ever had.  With each memorable experience, he found himself more intrigued by the relationship between cigar manufacture and the taste.

After more than 10 years of research, learning and speaking with experts in the industry, it became clear that there is a direct connection between certain constants, origins of natural components structure and handmade finishing processes.  The right balance of all these things impacts the tastes and flavor profiles.  The combination of such defines the overall personality of the cigar. 

It was only when J.P. felt he had the most thorough understanding about cigars did he begin his quest to develop a cigar that he would be proud to call his own and suggest to anyone.  Development took more than two years to create a unique blend of tobaccos that would ensure delivery of a variety of outstanding cigars that consistently deliver spot-on taste and distinctive flavor profiles.  The success of achieving a complex balance was truly a worthwile sacrifice and labor of love that birthed Pierson Geoffreys.

It's easy to love your own creation but the real test was asking other experts and cigar enthusiasts who are accustomed to smoking premium cigars to try our blends.  We are proud to say that they loved them without reservations.  The extremely positive feedback was the pinnacle of our successful development.

- The opportunity to serve you is appreciated.